Friday, August 17, 2012

August Creative Paperclay® Quick Tip

Today I would like to share my tip for working with Creative Paperclay® and large unmounted stamps.  In this demo I rolled my Creative Paperclay® on a transparency placed of a glass surface.  It is easier to remove the clay from a flexible transparency rather than a stiff glass surface.  Note: A craft sheet would work also.  
In May (HERE) my tip was all about  rolling out Creative Paperclay® it is important to keep the thickness of the clay consistent. To do this I use foam-core board.  I put two or three pieces together for the thickness I desire. Make sure the thickness of the foam-core is deeper than the image on the stamp. 

Once you have the desired size of Creative Paperclay® rolled out gently lay the stamp on the clay. Careful not to press on the stamp before you intend to.  Roll the rolling pin over the entire stamp applying even pressure.

Use a craft knife and slowly cut around the stamped image. 

Once the image is air dried  remove the ruff edges using sandpaper and a emery board.  Check out the detail of the image!


Tools to work with clay (rolling pin, craft knife)

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