Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sakura Crystal Lacquer and Yuzen Paper Pendents

I love the beautiful Yuzen Papers at Sakurua Hobby Craft. It was fun deciding what portion of the pattern from each sheet of Yuzen paper to use in my pendents. 

The bezel cup pendents pictured here are from Sakura, Black Coated Square and the White Brass Circle with the Sakura Ball Chain (which is currently on sale). Experiment with  the papers and Sakura Crystal LacquerThe fan pictured in the square bezel is from the top paper in the package  below. As you can see there isn't any black in the paper.   The combination of the paper and Sakura Crystal Lacquer created a new look on the black bezel. 

I used the Earthly Serenity in my pendents.  Each Yuzen Paper Set comes with six (6) beautiful Yuzen Papers. Each sheet is 8" x 11".

To make each pendent cut the Yuzen Paper to fit the bezel cup.  In the bottom of the bezel put a small amount of Sakura Crystal Lacquer to act as a glue to hold the Yuzen Paper in place.  Around the edge of the bezel apply a bead of Sakura Crystal Lacquer. Pour an abundant amount of seed beads in the bezel and work as many as you can into the Sakura Crystal Lacquer around the edge.  Remove any remaining beads.  Add Sakura Crystal Lacquer to cover the entire bezel.  Let dry overnight up to 24 hours, depending how thick the lacquer is and humidity. 

The Bottle Cap Inc Pendents

Using Bottle Caps from from Bottle Cap Ink. This pendent has a holiday feel with the red, green and gold colors. A one inch punch is the perfect size for the bottle caps. 

The sheet this came from has red, green and purple flowers. 

For the final pendent I intentionally cut the paper to get the pinks from dark to light in the background. 

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