Monday, July 29, 2013

CHA Mystery Box Challenge!

I was very excited when I found out I had an opportunity to attend CHA! If you have never been it is something to experience at least once as a designer. I had to opportunity to meet the wonderful and amazing Jean Moore,  her daughter Stephanie and many more
Days before leaving home I was honored when Elena of Charity Wings asked if I would like to participate in the Charity Wings Mystery Box Designer Challenge at CHA.  How could I resist?  I love a challenge.  Over 17 designers participated!

Charity Wings filled the box with items from several sponsors. Some of the products I never had worked with before.  Like neon fabric paint and Rowlux.  Other items were: brass birds, 3 types of glue, blue glitter, ink, red rhinestones, a picture frame, double stick foam wings, scissors and more.  We needed to use all the items in the box!

Donna Salazar, Elena and Jen Cushman

 Joe Rotella, Elena and Cindi Bisson

Here I am half way through my project. My challenge piece was to be completed in 10 minutes!  While I am creating my project Elena is interviewing me for the audience at home.  I can't remember one word I said.  All I know is I carry a few things with me when traveling to create with if I have free time. So out of my bag came some images from Altered Pages and a Altered Pages BINGO game piece, a key, some Dew Drops and ribbon.

To make my frame I rubbed the blue neon fabric paint into the wood and distressed it with the ink.  From my stash of Altered Pages images I found Marie Antoinette and fussy cut  her. She was given wings cut from the Rowlux.  I glued the wings, then Marie to the frame. Also attached a key, Bingo piece, glitter, red rhinestones, brass bird and double stick foam wings. Added a couple of Dew Drops. The envelope in the upper right I had picked up at a vendor earlier in the show!   
Here you see my finished frame!
Remember it never hurts to carry a few crafting supplies, you never know when you may need them!

 Charity Wings is a great organization.  
I had a great time participating!

Until my next post!
When I share more from CHA. 
Keep creating!

There is still time to join the Altered Pages monthly challenge find details HERE!  



FUN and LOL about carrying "craft items" with you!
It would be great to go to CHA!

Shawn Ricks said...

I could not handle the stress of that but you are a real pro Lyneen! Love the finished frame :)