Friday, December 6, 2013

Charity Wings Christmas Spirit!

Charity Wings adopted a family this Christmas season. A while back they asked supporters to join in an ornament swap. They received 35 beautiful handmade ornaments that were used to decorate their tree and now Charity Wings is auctioning it off!

The winner has choices: 

  1. you can either come pick up the tree in its entirety
  2. you can pick up the ornments only and we will give the tree to our adopted family
  3. we can carefully and lovingly package the ornaments and ship them to you. In this case we ask that you pay the shipping
  4. You can donate the whole tree and the ornaments to our adopted family!
Please go to  Charity Wings  HERE 
to learn how you can bid and win the awesome ornaments!

This is my ornament from the swap!

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