Saturday, April 26, 2014

Altered Bag with Attitude!!!

What do you do when you need something at the last minute?
Usually run to the store! 
For me to run to the store takes at least an hour...
an hour I didn't have to spare today!

Today I needed a gift bag and didn't have one big enough for my gift,
with no time to run to the store!!! 
What does a crafty person do....
GET BUSY and make a gift bag!!

Recycle a brown paper bag with handles
Altered Pages Collage Sheet Little Spring Birdies
Craft Attitude™ printable film
12 x 12 card stock cut to size (POW Glitter paper)
Spray adhesive
Double Sided Tape

I had a few Altered Pages collage sheets that I had printed with my injet printer on Craft Attitude™ printable film.  The person this bag is for loves birds, I had a full sheet of Altered Pages Collage Sheet Little Spring Birdies waiting to be used. If I had not had the images previously printed on Craft Attitude™ I would have had to waited a few minutes before fussy cutting.  
To make the bag, fussy cut each of the Craft Attitude printable film birds.  When cutting they became separated from the backing.  I held the film images with the backing as I cut to give the film more substance during  cutting. 
Cut the 12 x 12 card stock to fit the bag.  The brown paper bag the front and back are covered with cardstock.  Adhere cardstock with Double Sided Tape.  For this project spray the SPRAY ADHESIVE directly onto the film images, use a spray box.  (Spray on the printed side of the film.)  Attach to the bag, rub until the image is firmly attached.
Glue some lace around the top of the bag for a finished look, add a bow. 
You are now ready to fill your bag!

A gift bag in less than 30 minutes... that includes gathering supplies!
 I have to confess I am a hoarder,
if I need to make something in a flash
I most likely have all the supplies available in my studio! 


Denise said...

Wonderful project and a great job-Thanks for sharing :)

WhoMom said...

Awesomeness!!! I love all the birds, and think this is better then any bag you could have bought.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for sharing

You do yo thing girl!