Monday, April 14, 2014

Arnold Grummer's Bird Notes!

A few weeks ago I shared this post on the Arnold Grummer's blog.

I was making more papers, working on my technique of making THIN papers.  Why?  To make it easier to fold the paper and get really nice mitered corners.

When making the paper I used Arnold Grummer's Paper Additive and on some of the sheets I added Arnold Grummer's Iridescent Flakes.

Arnold Grummer's Complete Paper Mill Kit
Arnold Grummer's Paper Additive
Arnold Grummer's Iridescent Flakes
Arnold Grummer's Sticky Notes Starter Kit
Paper from the shredder
Bird cookie cutter
Pattern paper
Ribbon Flower
Again you find me working with the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit. If this is your first time making paper with Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit, be sure to watch the Basic Paper Making video making paper couldn't be any easier.

Here are some of my very thin sheets of paper first just after being poured. Second just before I sponge out the water. 
To make my little birds I put a cookie cutter on the the screen in the Arnold Grummer's Papermill.  Then carefully poured the pulp in the cutter. Drain the water just like I was making a sheet of paper.  

My finished products this time around.  Little birds and thin sheets of paper.

Now to make one of Arnold Grummer's Sticky Notes Starter Kit.  The instructions are right on the template!
First, trace the template on to a piece of handmade paper. Cute the outside solid lines. 

Glue book boards in place first covers then spine, using the traced fold lines as guides. Fold, press and glue long flaps first. Then fold in the ends.  My paper was pretty thin and folded nicely.

Glue liner onto inside of book. Let  glue dry, gently score and fold cover. 

Glue note pad inside of book.

Embellish cover. Wrap the book with ribbon and cover with  a strip of paper that coordinates with the inside cover. Add a couple of flowers and one of my paper birds.

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Beth Niquette said...

Lyneen! What a creative girl you are!!! I was just thinking of you, so had to come and visit. ((hugs)) Blessings to you, dear lady.