Monday, April 28, 2014

Gift Wrapping on Spur of the MOMENT!!!

This has been a week of last minutes!!!

It is 9:30am today, when I get a call.
Caller: "Want to meet us at noon for lunch?" 
Me: "I would love to."
Caller: "By the way, last weekend was xxx birthday."
Me: "Thanks for reminding me know. I have  couple of things for her."

I do have the gift. I looked at my gift wrap, nothing is appropriate for a birthday!  Well, the ladies I am meeting are some of my local artistic friends and they won't mind if I make something from what I have on hand!

I have an ATTITUDE...
Let's get working on the situation!

Craft Attitude™ printable film
Inkjet Printer
Black ink
Happy Birthday Stamp - A Muse
Tissue Paper

Bring out my Altered Pages images printed on Craft Attitude™ printable film (printed with my inkjet printer). If I had just printed this sheet I would have waited a few minutes before cutting to let the ink set.

Cut the swan image from the Altered Pages Collage Sheet Spring Birdies.  Peel the image from the white backing paper. On the ink side apply glue stick. Then adhere to the envelope. The lovely part of working with Craft Attitude™ it is reposition-able, until it sits for a bit.  

With a Micron Pen doodle scallops to give the image a border. Sort of looks like postage stamp.  

 Stamp Happy Birthday, place card on tissue wrapped gift.

Finish with a bow!

10:30 Mission Complete!

I think she will be happy with her gift!

meet the challenge... 
CREATE on the fly!
I am off to lunch,
Have a great day!

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Jean M said...

That's the truth, seems like we are all "on the fly" anymore! Lovely image and lovely gift!