Sunday, July 6, 2014

Beautiful handmade note cards!

I love making handmade papers from the shredder. In previous posts I have shared how easy it is to make paper with the Arnold Grummer Paper Making Mill, if you don't believe me, watch the video on Basic Paper Making HERE.  

Personal notecards are the best to receive, also great gifts to give as a notecard gift set.  For the cards below I made handmade sheets of paper with my Arnold Grummer Paper Making Mill. Almost all of my papers are made with papers from my shredder.  The color is added with scrap cardstock. 
Here are the papers I made using my Arnold Grummer's Paper Making Mill. .  
The base card was made from shredded papers from my shredder.
The papers above were made from scraps of leftover papers that were any shade of green and any shade of purple.  These are the results I got. On some bits of  Arnold Grummer's Iridescent Flakes and Arnold Grummer's Gold Dust were added.

Paper pulp can be cast in clay molds, acrylic, molds for polymer clay, cookie cutters and more. Today I am using clay molds that I had in my kitchen.  They were given to me as a gift a while back and I never used them much in the kitchen.  Now they will be part of my paper making supplies!

Here you see the paper pulp in some of my clay molds.  Press the pulp into the mold and use a sponge and then use a paper towel to get out the excess water.  The more water you remove the faster it will dry!
Once they are dry you can gently ease the paper casts out of clay form.

Lightly coat the casts with a couple of coats of gesso, drying between layers.  

After the gesso is completely dry the images were painted with Faber Castell Gelatos.  When painting with Gelatos use water sparingly.

Layer the hand made papers, add a bit of ribbon and adhere the cast to the card base.

Arnold Grummers Paper Making Mill
Clay Mold Casts
Faber Castell Gelatos
Double sided Adhesive