Monday, September 1, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge - Preparation

I have decided to take the Challenge with
Claudine from Claudine's Art Corner!!!

The Altered Playing Card Challenge!!!

 Call me crazy, but this sounds too much fun to pass up.
If you would like to join it isn't too late.
We start the week of Sept 1st! and go for 26 weeks!

From Claudine, "I just love altered playing cards and I have always wanted to do a deck for myself but it always seemed like a huge undertaking to make 52 cards. Well I have decided to do a set here on my blog and spread it out through 26 weeks. This means I will be doing two altered cards a week and I'm hoping that you will follow along with me and maybe do your own set
All the tutorials will be FREE to you and since it will only be two cards a week it will be so easy for you to follow along and make your own set, this project will take a little over 6 months or so to complete but by the end you will have a wonderful set of 52 altered playing cards"

Today I will start applying Gesso to my cards!

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