Monday, February 23, 2015

FaveCrafts Best Blogger Craft Event - Yarnspirations!

I was honored to be invited to the CHA Blogger Networking Party

In my swag from the CHA Blogger Networking Party I received this skein of Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn from Yarnspirations

All my life I have been intimidated by knitting needles!!! Never ever have I knitted anything in my life... the yarn was a challenge!

I had heard about knitting with your hands, so I looked up how-to!
This is what I did...
Tie tail around the thumb. Go behind the index finger, under the back of your middle finger, over your ring finger, and under your pinky. Wrap around the back of hand and in front (palm). Start the Weave---Pull the first wrap over the second wrap and over the pinky, repeat on the ring finger, repeat on the middle finger, and the index finger. Wrap around the back of hand and in front (palm). Then repeat the weave until you have desired link. Finish by taking the loop from pinky, and put it on ring finger. Pull the bottom loop up from ring finger and over to the back of hand. The loop from the middle finger and put in on the index finger. Finally, remove the index finger do not let go of the loop. Cut the end of the yarn at about six inches, put it through the loop and tie off. Tie the ends together and weave the tails in the scarf!

Two hours and eight feet later I had an infinity scarf!!!!

I love how the bulky yarn looks in this scarf!

 If you missed YARNIA... see my post HERE!!!

THANK YOU Yarnspirations!

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Margie Higuchi said...

I was thinking doing the finger knitting technique. Your scarf turned out so nice! I'm waiting for some time to sit down and make mine :) Thanks for the inspiration!