Saturday, May 30, 2015

Masculine Steampunk Card

MD Hobby and Craft Metal Sheet Roll is perfect for your Steampunk projects.  I wanted to try putting the metal through my die-cutting machine.  I worked perfectly, once I got the shims correct. The dies cut through the metal sheet just like paper!
 Carefully cut pieces of metal from the 12 in x 30 in roll, just large enough for your die.  I was able to cut the metal with a regular pair of scissors.  For the card I die-cut two small gears and one large gear. 

Pictured above the dies just before adding the shims and running through the die-cutting machine.

Gears Cut from MD Hobby and Craft Metal Roll.

Color the metal foil gears with Gilders Paste and irRESISTible spray, set aside to dry.

Stamp image on pattern paper, layer on black card stock with glue stick. Adhere to brown card base with double stick tape.  Add Steampunk Washi Tape. 

Adhere pen nib, dew drop and MD Hobby and Craft Metal gears with Tacky Glue.  It was fun working with HD Hobby and Craft Metal on my Steampunk card!

MD Hobby and Craft Metal Roll
Guilders Paste
IRrESitible Texture Spray
Steampunk Man Stamp
Black Ink
Black Cardstock
Pattern Paper
Clear Dew Drop
Pen Nib
Die Cutting Machine and Die Cut
Steampunk Washi Tape
Tack Glue
Glue Stick
Double Stick Tape


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