Thursday, May 28, 2015

Treat Picks for any Occasion!

These cute treat picks would make great decorations on cupcakes, a special cake or even in gift baskets.  They could even be used as  embellishments on greeting cards!

KUNZE German Scrap
Crepe Paper

Create a crepe paper ruffle using double sided tape, make it about six to seven inches long (depending on the size of the KUNZE German Scrap medallion).

Carefully apply the crepe paper ruffle to the back of the KUNZE German Scrap medallion.  Then tape a skewer in place.
Punch a flower or cut a circle to glue on the back to for a finished look.

This is the  front of the skewer, with the crepe paper ruffle and the KUNZE German Scrap medallion glue with tacky glue.

Fussy cut images then adhere with tacky glue.

Enjoy making your treat picks!!!

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