Monday, July 27, 2015


In June the Unruly PaperArts Design Team shared all things "M". I case you missed it I am sharing it here on my blog!!
I decided to share two "M"bossing techniques.  I'm sharing two stamp resist techniques creating Masterboards with embossing powder.  Masterboards are patterned papers created for backgrounds in scrapbook layouts, greeting cards, ATCs, mixed media and any other paper-crafting project.

If you follow my blog you know I use a lot of embossing powder on my projects.  Many of you may have some embossing powder gathering dust from your stamping days.  Here is a way to use some of your old stash!

Masterboard with Spray Mists

12 x 12 light color cardstock
3-4 rubber stamps (Mailbox Muse Postal
VersaMark clear
Clear embossing powder
Heat gun
2-3 colors of spray mists
Paper towels
Brown Bag (open and flat)
Bath Towel
Stamp first image with clear VersaMark in a random pattern all over the cardstock, then sprinkle with clear embossing powder, remove excess embossing powder and apply heat with heat gun to melt the embossing powder.   Repeat with the second and third stamps until you have your desired pattern.

Spray one mist color on the paper and let dry.  Repeat with additional colors as desired, letting each color dry first to prevent muddying the colors.
Once the cardstock is completely dry and you are happy with your blend of color mists, lay the cardstock face up on a folded bath towel and cover with the paper bag.  Slowly move a hot iron (no steam) over the top of the bag, the bag will absorb the embossing powder leaving the stamped image on the cardstock. Watch your images pop! 
A card using the Masterboard as background paper!
Painting Masterboard with Gelatos 

12 x 12 light color cardstock
Rubber stamp - large image is best for this technique
VersaMark clear
Clear embossing powder
Heat gun
Gelatos 4-6 colors
Mister bottle of water
Non-stick craft mat
Paper towels

Stamp a random pattern across the cardstock, sprinkle with clear embossing powder, remove excess powder.  Melt embossing powder with heat gun.
Color the Gelatos pigment stick directly on the non-stick craft mat and mist lightly with water. 

Blend the pigment and water with finger tip, drying your finger between colors to keep from muddying them.

Lay the embossed cardstock upside down, on the wet craft mat. and gently press into the colors. Carefully lift and repeat as needed to cover the cardstock with color.  If the colors look like they are being muddied on the cardstock stop and let them dry before adding more color.
 If the colors look like they are blending on the craft mat, wipe it clean and start with fresh Gelatos.
With a paper towel gently remove color from the embossed images, the paper is wet and will ball up if you rub too hard.
Allow the cardstock to dry, painted side up.  With all the moisture in this technique, the paper will tend to curl.  I leave it as is and work out the curls when I cut the paper down to the size I need.  If you try to iron it flat be sure to use paper as the embossing powder will be removed with a hot iron.
A card using the Masterboard pattern paper.
Have FUN creating your own MASTERBOARDS! 

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