Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Activa Christmas Trees!

One of my projects on the Altered Pages blog this month. using Activa products, our Fabulous December Partner!  for this project I am playing with Art Plaster.  I used Art Plaster and a chocolate tree mold to create trees for my table decorations.  Please be sure to use kitchen utensils that are designated for craft use only (like bowls, spoons and measuring cups).


Found this mold for trees and thought the trees would make a great center piece on my Christmas table.  Note: this mold will now be for craft use only!

I used plastic cups for measuring and a plastic spoon for mixing as they are throw away! Have everything at hand before you start. Using Art Plaster you have a few minutes to work with it, but don't take too long as it starts setting. 

You may need to drag the Art Plaster with a tooth pick as you pour it if there are corners to fill.

Have extra molds around when pouring incase you have extra Art Plaster!

Let the Art Plaster set!  If the mold is thin like the trees pictured, let them sit longer than the instructions. 

 It is important for  easy release that your Art Plaster has hardened.  I learned from experience and broke a couple!!!
Using emery boards while the Art Plaster is still damp sand the edges with an emery board.  Emery boards are great to use when sanding small spaces.

Here are some of the additional items I molded when pouring my trees... you see I made way too much!

Once the trees are dried paint them.  First apply a layer Gesso , Let dry.  I used  Art Anthology Paints, mixing a yellow and a blue to paint the trees.

Let the trees dry!!!

Add Tacky glue to the edges of the tree to add Flower Soft!

Roll the tree's glue edges in the Flower Soft.    
With Dew Drops make stars for the little trees. Let them dry. ( I made these the day before I was going to paint the trees!)

Adhere the star toppers on the trees with tacky glue!!

They are now ready to display!!!

Here the trees are pictured with a tree from the TREE KIT available HERE at Altered Pages!

Tree Reflection!

To get started supplies you will need:
Activa Art Plaster
Container for water
Cup for mixing
Paper towels
Craft mat - protect the table
Flower soft
One more addition to my Christmas table
Have you joined the Altered Pages Group on FB?  Jean has been generously giving a collage sheet a day for the 12 Days of Christmas, DAY 8 was the Santa Placecards!
To make them.  I adhered the whole collage sheet to a piece of red card stock, then cut them apart!

Add a few Dew Drops to each of them, for a little bling!

Let them dry!
 Add guests names to each of the cards and they are ready for the table.  I will share pictures of my table set on the 25th... watch my blog Dreaming of Castles!
Hope you are inspired to DIY your table decorations this year!
Wishing you the best as you celebrate the SEASON!

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