Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bicycles for Two!!!

What a wonderful time of year.... LOVE is in the Air!  Valentines is just around the corner.  I have been busy creating my Carousel for Two...
that is TWO BIKES!

What you need:
Robin's Nest Papers Valentine Hearts and Valentine Strips
Robin's Nest Die Cut Bicycles
Robin's Nest Die Cut Doilies
Round Craft Box (project is 8 inch)
Cardboard Tube
Plastic Lid
Glue stick
Double stick tape
Glue gun

Start with a  round craft box - measurements for this project will depend on the size of box you use.  Lay it on a piece of Robin's Nest Valentine Hearts and cut a circle the size of the lid ( we will use the back for the top of the box!) Adhere with glue stick, if it appears to be a little big sand the edges down with an emery board. Cut strips from the Robin's Nest Valentine Strips wide enough to cover the sides of the lid and adhere with glue stick. 

Cut strips from Robin's Nest Valentine Hearts wide enough to cover the sides of the base and adhere with double sided tape.

Now the fun begins... I dug out every clear DEW DROP I owned!  If you have seen my work almost everything I do has some dew drops.  This project is dew drop heaven.  With tacky glue add dew drops around the rim of the top of the box, set aside to dry.

When the first application of dew drops are dry, add dew drops around the side of the box.

To create the top of the carousel.  Cut a circle about one inch larger than the box (I used a dinner plate.)  Make a cut to the center of the circle then over lap the edges until you have the desired size of cone.  Adhere edges with double stick tape. Add dew drops around the edge of the cone, set aside to dry.
With tacky glue add dew drops around the bottom of the box, set aside to dry.

Use a large plastic lid, this one is from a coffee can. Sand the edges with an emery board to give it some tooth.  Tacky glue dew drops around the edge of the plastic lid. Set aside to dry.

The center of the carousel is a cardboard tube, covered with The Robin's Nest Valentine Hearts using double sided tape.

Tacky glue dew drops around the top and bottom edges of the cardboard tube, set aside to dry.

Cut four straws the same length as the center cardboard tube.  Cover two of them totally with dew drops using tacky glue, set aside to dry.  On the two remaining straws add dew drops to the top and bottom only!  

Ink the back of the die cuts with black ink. 
Once all the pieces are dry the carousel is ready to assemble.

I used a glue gun since it sets so fast.  If you do not have one tacky glue will work, you will just have some drying time.  First glue the lid inside of the cone, creating the top of the carousel.

Adhere the large white doily and the small pink Robin's Nest Die Cut Doily to the center of the lid.   Apply hot glue inside the cardboard tube and center on the lid.  Hot glue the bottom of the straws using the pattern on the doily for placement. Sorry no photos here, got caught up in the moment and forgot to take pics!!!

Apply hot glue to the top of the cardboard tube and straws, then add the top to the carousel.

 Finally, adhere the bicycles with tacky glue to the straws that are not covered with dew drops.
Hope you are inspired to create your own carousel...

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