Friday, March 4, 2016

Postcard Post: Old Man of the Mountain

This postcard was published by The Rotograph Co., New York (Germany)  1904-1911.  I would guess this card was printed between 1904 and 1907 as it has an undivided back.  In March 1907 the divided back postcard appeared the address and message would be written on the back and the front was left for photography and art work.  During this time the hobby of postcard collecting became very popular world wide.
  • The formation of the Old Man was created by glaciers.  
  • It was first recorded by a surveying group in 1805. 
  • The Old Man of the Mountain is in White Mts NH, was the subject of a short story published in 1850 by Nathaniel Hawthorne. 
  • In 1945 the State of New Hampshire made the Old Man the state emblem.
  • 1955 the Old Man appears on a three cent United States postage stamp.
  • 2003 the Old Man formation collapsed.
Learn more about The Old Man of the Mountain on Wikipedia HERE!
I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

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Beth Niquette said...

I LOVE this!!! It is a postcard after my own heart. :D The history you gave about the Old Man in the Mountain is fascinating. Thank you so much for posting--and for your kind words and patience. You are just a darling. <3

Paul van Yperen said...

Happy PFF! A beautifuyl card. I see the face of an old man, or better an old lion in it. Thanks for sharing this card and information.