Sunday, March 13, 2016

Working with Echo Art Board

Have you ever used Echo Art Board for ATCs.... I LOVE IT... it is a dream to work with when using paint or any other wet medium!  I don't have to worry about the base warping at all!
Here is an ATC using a time stamp with CASTLES of all AGES collage image on painted Echo Art Board !
Before starting cut the castle image from the Altered Pages Castles of the Ages Collage Sheet.
Golden Opulence sticker

Use Chalk Paint - Timeless on the  Echo Art Board, then apply a thin layer of Gel MediumLay the image of the castle on the ATC and burnish it carefully.   

Apply a thin layer of Gel Medium over the image, with Chalk Paint - Timeless lightly go around the edges of the image to frame it.  Add a  Golden Opulence sticker to the upper left corner.  Adhere dew drops to lower right.

While the Gel Medium is still sticky add bits of  Gold Leaf.  Note: once I opened my package of Gold Leaf I keep it in a plastic container... it is almost impossible to get it back in the package and makes it easier to use.

Let the Gel Medium dry.  When dry stamp theMailbox Muse Stamp - Watch from ATC set with Black Ink.

Edge the Echo Art Board with Black Ink!  Let dry over night before mailing.

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