Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Wreath for a Party

Having a party? Need a few decorations for the celebration... a few  festive paper wreaths would dress up any party room.  You could  vary the sizes, hang then around the room, even on a door!


SABOR Ramitos Cardstock
SABOR Ole Cutouts
Red ink
Double Stick Tape
Tacky Glue
Pink Silk Ribbon
Dew Drops
Yellow Decorative Shred

Cut a sheet of SABOR Ramitos Cardstock into 3 x 3 inch squares, you should have 16 squares!

Ink the edges the squares to cover the white core with red ink.  

Make cones 12 cones using Double Stick Tape.
 Use one sided tape to wrap around the point of each cone so the points are easier to glue together, glue them to one another with Tacky Glue, let dry.

Add yellow decorative shred and a large flower from the  SABOR Ole Cutouts with  Tacky Glue, then with Dimensional Adhesive add a smaller flower from the cutouts.

On the opposite side  add a piñata using  Dimensional Adhesive, glue a jewelry gem to the center.


For sparkle add RED  Glitter to both sides of the wreath with Tacky Glue, let dry.

A few Dew Drops for more dimension.

Punch a hole to string the Pink Silk Ribbon through to hang the wreath.

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