Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Postcard Post: Cawston Ostrich Farm

This week I am a little late with my postcard post... again I have learned a lot from the cards. When choose cards to share I never know where my search will take me or what I will learn!

Today my postcards are of  Cawston's Ostrich Farm that was in operation from 1886 until 1935 in Southern California. Guests could ride on the backs of ostriches, ride an ostrich drawn carriage, buy products (feathered hats, boas, capes and fans) at the Ostrich Farm store!
Cawston's Ostrich Farm, California
From Wikepedia

The first Ostrich Farm in America was just 3 miles north of Los Angeles in South Pasadena, California. The nine acre Cawston Ostrich Farm opened in 1886 by Edwin Cawston. 

A ship was chartered to bring fifty of some of the best ostriches from South Africa to Galveston, Texas. From there, the ostriches were shipped by train journey to South Pasadena, California. Out of the original fifty, only eighteen survived the journey. The farm eventually had over 100 ostriches from the original batch.

The Farm became a "must see" tourist attraction in the early part of the 20th century. Its location near the Pasadena and Los Angeles Electric Railway's trolley provided transportation from downtown Los Angeles for tourists.  The farm closed in 1935.

Here is a link to an earlier post I shared on Friendship Postcard Friday in 2010 about the trolley that includes a reference to the Ostrich Farm.
Did you know?
Ostriches grow a foot per month until they reach 8 or 9 feet tall!
 The female will sit on the eggs during the day, and the males will at night.
Ostriches can lay eggs until 40 years of age!

I was curious if there were any ostrich farms for tourists to see these amazing birds still in existence in the United States.  Google being my friend... there are many... google to visit one near you.  I listed a couple (there are more) you can visit and see these magnificent birds.  Sorry, no  ostrich riding or carriage rides pulled by them!!

There are many farms in the US and around the world that raise ostrich as a commodity for their meat, feathers, leather and more!

I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

Note - all postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday are from my private collection

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