Friday, April 15, 2016

Postcard Post: Philadelphia Girls High School

I love my old postcards and even more the history of the places pictured in them.  Today we have the Philadelphia Girls High School... when I did a Google search I was surprised to see that it is still in
I believe the building pictured was erected in 1876, since in 1933 the history on their site states, "A new school was erected at Seventeenth and Spring Garden Streets to replace the one that had stood on that site since 1876." You can read more about the history of the school HERE!
What caught my eye and why I wanted to share this card was the "postcard exchange" referred to on the back.    

Mailed May 8, 1909 ~ Philadelphia PA to Chehalis WA
"I got your name in the postcard exchange and hope you will be glad to exchange with me."
This postcard was sent during the Golden Age of postcards when collecting was at its height.  We have collectors today, but nothing like the collectors of over 100 years ago.  They didn't have the opportunity to see places around the world like we do today.  Travel for most was minimal and most didn't have access to color pictures.  
 The GOLDEN AGE of postcards was 1907 - 1913
There was a great demand for postcards during this time!  In 1905 over 7 billion postcards were mailed world wide!!!
The ability to purchase brightly colored chromolithographic pictures in a largely black & white world proved irresistible to many, which quickly increased demand.
Some have speculated that perhaps up to 50 percent of all postcards produced were collected...  it was the postcard album that families kept in their parlor, where it became the centerpiece of social gatherings. 

Postcard exchange clubs arose like The Jolly Jokers that had more than 2300 members, The Society for the Promulgation of Post Cards with 5,000 members, and the Post Card Union with and astounding 10,000 members. Those who couldn’t fathom the changing times often referred to these clubs as cults. Soon card dealers began to outnumber booksellers.
Today we most likely are collecting the postcards that these individuals kept and preserved for many years.   Thank goodness... we may not have many to collect.
I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

Note - all postcards shared on Postcard Friendship Friday are from my private collection


Paul van Yperen said...

Hi Lyneen, Thanks for sharing this postcard and the info. It must have been / is a huge school! I like these topographical postcards from the US. They are so attractive you immediately want to collect them too. In the Netherlands another peak in sending postcards were the years just after the years you mention. Although the Netherlands were not at war, many soldiers were mobilised and sent thousands and thousands of postcards to their families and friends. Happy PFS! Paul

Beth Niquette said...

I LOVED this post. Once more I learned a lot I didn't know. It is amazing that school is still standing! Amazing. Thank you for posting, my Friend. I apologize for not getting back to you right away. I was hosting a lady's retreat this past weekend and had an out of town guest here. :D What a delightful time it was. I hope to make this event a yearly one! I already have the Conference Center booked for October, 2017! It's the one above Silver Creek Falls near Salem, OR. :D Have a lovely day, sweet Friend!