Monday, August 15, 2016

Awesome Paris Gift Bag!

I am honored to be on DIY Design Studio™  first Design Team with the other talented artist/designers: Trish Alger, Trisha Neal, Stephanie Siatta and Jean Moore.  Today I hope to live up to the expectations of this company and team. 

My first DIY project is upcycling my husband's jeans! About 3 weeks ago he was about to throw them in the trash... I told him they were too good to throw away!  He said, they are frayed and getting holes.  I replied, what better pair of jeans to make things from.  Here is my first project from his jeans!

Old pair of Jeans
Lace - 1 1/2 to 2 inches wide
Ribbon & Twine
Sewing Machine
Straight Pins
Paper Towel
Spray adhesive
Painters tape
Measure the jeans before cutting, use a bottle about the size you would like to use your bag for.  Here I have a bottle of wine.

Draw lines to guide when cutting directly on the jeans, this lines will not show when you are finished. 

Spray the back side of the Paris Stencil with spray adhesive, let set a minute before laying on the jeans, this will allow the adhesive to become tacky, not permanent.  This helps keep the paint from seeping under the stencil. Once you have the Paris Stencil in place use painters tape around the edges to keep the stencil in place.
Use Dixie Belle Paint - Flamingo with a dry brush and dab the paint over the stencil.  DO NOT use a brush saturated in paint, if it looks like there is too much paint on the brush dab the brush on a paper towel before applying to the stencil.  Let the paint set for a few minutes, dry to the touch. 
Next, highlight the stenciled image with  Dixie Belle Paint - Butter Cream. Use a very dry brush, wipe extra paint off brush on a paper towel before applying to the jeans.

Let the paint set for a few minutes, then remove tape and Paris Stencil, wash the stencil immediately after removing from jeans.   Let set over night!

I didn't have any lace that matched my painted jeans.  I made my own matching lace by painting it with Dixie Belle Paint - Flamingo!  Be sure to use a very dry brush when painting, after dipping my brush in the paint I dabbed it on a paper towel to get off any excess paint.  Let dry.

When the jeans & lace are dry sew the lace onto the jeans.  Pin the to the inside of the bottom of the jeans.  Use a heavy duty needle on the sewing machine as you will have to sew over some hefty jean seams.   

Carefully & slowly sew the lace on all the way around the bottom of the jeans.The frayed bottom of the jeans give the bag some character!

Now of the bottom of the bag, sew along the raw edge.  I did a straight stitch then a zigzag to keep the bottom from fraying and to be it was sturdy for the heavy bottle I might put in it!

Next create a flat bottom in the bag, with the bag inside out fold the bottom flat so that you have a point at one corner.  For my bag I used my large see-thru ruler to get a the seam in the middle to the two edges.  Draw a line and pin to keep the front and back side aligned. Repeat on the other side. 

Sew a straight stich where you drew the line on both sides. Now your bag should have two feet!

When you turn the bag inside out it should have a squared off bottom, as pictured below. 

Now the bag is ready to add twine, ribbon and an Eiffel Tower charm!!

Hope I have inspired you to create your own Dixie Belle painted gift bags!

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