Wednesday, August 3, 2016


These wise owls would make a great center piece for a party for that person that loves owls!!!  I had a lot of fun making them!!!  Today I decided to pull out some of my old dusty paper punches and give them a work out!

Rosy Diamond Cardstock
Pink Glitter Swirl
Honeycomb Fleur Cardstock
Honeycomb Daisy Glitter Cardstock

Blue Fleur Cardstock

Honeycomb Fleur Cardstock
Honeycomb Daisy Glitter Cardstock
Rosy Diamond Cardstock
Pink Glitter Swirl
Blue Fleur Cardstock
Diamond Dew Drops Orange
Pearl Dew Drops
Double stick tape
Tacky Glue
Gold Pen
Black marker
Circle Punch 1 1/2 inch
Oval punch 2 inch
Heart punch 1 inch
Large Paper reinforcements (old stock in my stash)

Punch 8 to 12 hearts, depending on the size of hearts you use.  For the lighter color hearts I outlined them with a black marker.

Cut beak from scraps of the Honeycomb Fleur Cardstock after the hearts were punched.

Punch two eye for each owl with 1 1/2 inch Circle Punch 1 1/2 inch.  For the white of the eye around the pupil I used large paper reinforcements (old stock in my stash).  You could punch a smaller white and black circles.

Punch two ovals for wings.

Then start to assemble using tacky glue.  On the Pink Owl the first row of hearts are behind the beak... you will notice on the other two I put the beak behind the first row.  This is a fun project, there isn't a right or wrong way to make your owls!
Here is the pink owls feathers ready to attach. 
Measurement of the three owl bodies are:
8  x 6 inches
7 x 5 inches
4 x 6 inches 
To create body cut desired body size... with double sided tape on one of the short sides adhere to the other end to create a tube. 

With the seam side closest to you, pinch the sides as pictured above.

Fold down the seamed side as pictured above.

Turn the tube around and fold the other side.  You have just formed the owls head!!!

Pictured above are all the parts.... the tube (or body), eyes, wings, beak, and body feathers (hearts).  Now you are ready to assemble. 
Once all of the hearts are glued together attach them to the body with tacky glue, then eyes and wings.

Adhere the bottom outside hearts to the body so they don't stick out like a dress!
Aren't they the cutest!!!!


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