Thursday, November 3, 2016

Can you believe it is time to start your holiday preparations?

Use your DIXIE BELLE PAINTS to create your gift giving Christmas Ornaments.  I had these tiny star boxes in my stash that were just waiting for the perfect project.  I have turned them into little sea vignettes....

Using both the box and lids create twice as many little vignettes!
The little star boxes were painted with DIXIE BELLE Sea Glass Chalk Paint

Some of them have Washi Tape wrapped around the outside.

Small burlap squares make the perfect background.  

Dew Drops add a bit of sparkle!

Use tacky glue to attach embellishments

This box lid I left the back unpainted.

Others are painted inside and out!

Finally attach a twine hanger (to be added) 

Enjoy creating your own little ornaments...
These could be used all year round!

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