Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bernat Maker Home Decor Yarn Flowers!

Create your own flowers to embellish your cards!



Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn
Scrapbook Adhesive Sheets
Mod Podge
Circle Punch
Card stock
Card Base

To create the flower center punch a circle from a Scrapbook Adhesive Sheet, coil the Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn from the outside into the center.

Cut  3-inch strips of the Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn (approximately 30 per flower, depending on the size of the flower). Punch a circle from card stock apply a generous amount of Mod Podge around the edge of the cardstock.  Folding the 3-inch strips in half, attach to the card stock to create petals of the flower.  Repeat adding two inner rings of petals by adding Mod Podge at the tip of the outer layer of petals. Set aside to dry.

Adhere the flower center to the petals, remove adhesive from the back of the Scrapbook Adhesive and attach.   

Assemble card:  Adhere solid cardstock 4 x 6 inches to pattern card base (5 x 7 card).   Cut 4 inches of the  Bernat Maker – Home Décor Yarn for the stem and 3 inches for the leafs. Adhere the leaf and then the stem to the card with Mod Podge.


Punch a circle from a Scrapbook Adhesive Sheet, peel one side and attach to the flower.  Remove protective paper from the second side and adhere to the card.  


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Beth Niquette said...

This is just plain cute. I adore how you made this card. :D