Sunday, April 2, 2017

Post 2 of 3, My Paper Journal!

As promised in my earlier post  here is the base of the book, cover and pages.  USArtQuest handmade papers are perfect for this paper journal. I had a hard time cutting some of the beautiful papers.  I have added a few tags, envelopes and more from Altered Pages.
To make the paper journal I am using an old book and up-cycling it!   In yesterdays post HERE we cut the pages from the cover.  Notebook rings are used to bind the book together!
Then cut the spine cover in half as pictured above.

I used USArtQuest PPA to glue the spine cover to the front and back of the book as pictured above.
Create a template with holes where you would like them on the cover and for all the pages of the book... make sure not to make the holes too close to the edge of the paper, this will keep it from easily ripping out of the book!

Cut papers just a bit smaller that the front and back of the book, making sure to cover the previous papers. Adhere to the inside of the cover, be sure to glue to the edge of the paper. 
Once the glue dries on the inside covers punch holes through the paper!
Cut papers to fit the book, this book is 5 x 7 inches.  To give the book more character all pages are not the exact same size.
Some papers were cut 10 x 5 inches and folded at 3 inches to create a pocket at the bottom of the page.  Double sided tape was used on the two sides to create the pocket.

This is what the book looks like so far!  The cover will be covered and finished tomorrow. Then trimmed with ribbons!

Not all pages are 5 x 7, a mix of colors and patterns look great together. 

Here is a pocket folded from a 10 X 5 inch piece of handmade paper.  This pocket is on the back side of the page, the perfect place for tags or keepsakes.  I didn't have the heart to hide any of the glitter pattern.

More beautiful pages in the journal.

Lovely paper with thread, one with botanicals and another with wax.

Add glassine envelopes and manila tags for journaling or add images on the tags. Notice there is a smaller half page between two full size pages!

Pockets can be trimmed with scraps of papers to add more color and texture!

Another pocket with a little bit of leopard trim!

library pocket has been covered and trimmed with scraps on the back of page.

I am loving all the colors together!
Return tomorrow for the finished book!

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I really appreciate you sharing this project. One of these days I want to make one. I like the cover as it is!