Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mixed Media with Prima

The beauty of mixed media is - there aren't any rules.  You can alter what ever you like. In this project I transformed my Prima flower to its present state for a steampunk look!  I am love the effect I go with the Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints. 

I love mixed media, layering, adding more, changing this and that.  Usually what I start with changes along the way, as it did with this project.  I was planning on using three Prima Flowers, used only one.  Was going to layer the three large hearts, used only one.  The stenciling was not in the original plan.  You get the idea.  The final mixed media project generally does not go as planned.

Prima Flower altered

 Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint

Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint:
  Metallique Dark Forest
  Metallique Soft Satin
  Sparks Dragon Eye
Prima Flowers
Altered Pages Collage - 2178 Feeling Mysterious
Canvas Art Board
Black Gesso
Steampunk Large Heart - Chipboard
Tacky Glue
Dixie Belle Swamp Mud
Stencil Diamonds/Harlequin
Gel Medium

Preparing for the project

Paint chipboard and canvas with black gesso.

For this project dark flowers were needed.  I took the beautiful white and cream Prima Flowers and colored them by adding black gesso to water and soaking the flowers in it.  Let them dry overnight.

I created an oversized image from the Altered Pages Collage sheet.  Rip the edges for effect.

Lightly spray paper image, apply gel medium to the canvas board and gently lay image.  Then apply gel medium over the image.  

With diamond stencil randomly apply Dixie Belle Swamp Mud. Set aside to dry.

Paint chip board gears with gesso.  Paint the centers of the flowers with Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Sparks Dragon Eye. 

Add a little of the Sparks Dragon Eye to the flower petals and the gears.  Paint the back heart with the Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Metallique Dark Forest, highlight with green. 

After the mud had dried, first paint with Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint Metallique Soft Satin, repeat with Metallique Dark Forest.  Touch up with the black gesso until you have the desired effect.

Now it is time to assemble.  With tacky glue adhere the heart first,  then the Prima Flower, surround it with the gears and finally the key.

I am happy with the results... let me know what you think!

Hope you have been inspired to try your hand at a mixed media project!!

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