Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Prima Flowers on Bird in a Cage

I am so excited that the Design Team at Altered Pages has the opportunity to be a product partner with PRIMA this month.  We plan to inspire creativity through our projects. 

Prima has the most amazing line products.  Each package of flowers is unique with so many ways to create with them!  The Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint will cover just about any surface you apply it to.  I plan to try it on as many surfaces as possible.  

Supplies for this project:
Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint:
  Metallique Dark Forest
  Metallique Soft Satin
  Sparks Dragon Eye
Prima Flowers
Black birdcage - recycled
Chipboard Bird - Queen Sparrow
Large Sheet Music
3D Foam Mounting Squares
Tacky Glue

First, paint the flat black birdcage with Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paints. Fully cover the cage with Metallique Dark Forest.  Let it dry. Then with a paper towel dab a little of the Sparks Dragon Eye over the cage and let it dry.  Finally, with a paper towel dab the cage with Metallique Soft Satin.  When you are finished the cage will appear distressed.

Next, paint the Chipboard Bird - Queen Sparrow.  I did not have a blue Prima Art Alchemy Acrylic Paint, all the same I wanted the shimmer of the paints.  I tinted the Metallique Soft Satin to get the color I wanted for the bird.  The chipboard crown was painted with Sparks Dragon Eye. 
Once the bird is dry assemble.  Adhere the wing with 3D Foam Mounting Squares.  Add rhinestones to the crown and adhere with Tacky Glue.

For the birds nest cut thin strips of Large Sheet Music and gently curl with the edge of the scissors.

Everything is ready to assemble.

Put the Large Sheet Music curls on the bottom of the cage, gently place the bird eggs on the sheet music. 

Add one Prima Flower inside of the cage.  Place the cage top on the bottom and secure tabs.  Gently slide the bird into the cage from the side.
Add two Prima Flowers and butterfly to the top of the birdcage. 

 This would make a beautiful center piece for an afternoon tea, baby shower, ladies luncheon and more.

 Be sure to stop by for more PRIMA inspiration tomorrow!
Let us know how much you enjoy the projects we have created! 

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