Friday, January 19, 2018

Valentine Post Card

Getting ready for VALENTINE'S DAY
Mailed to Pottstown PA in 1907
In 1910 the population of Pottstown is a little more than 13,000!

Publisher: The International Art Publishing Co., New York 1895-1915

In 1895 Wolf & Co. and the Art Lithographic Publishing Co. founded this subsidiary (International Art Publishing Co.) to take over production of their holiday and souvenir cards. Samuel Garre, the manager of the Art Lithographic Publishing Company assumed management of this new entity. They would grow into an important publisher of artist signed cards, which were printed in Germany.

          From: MetroPostcard 

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Beth Niquette said...

OH, Lyneen! This is such a sweet Valentine's Day postcard. I love the vintage postcards for that holiday. Thank you for posting. Folks like you are why I keep on posting each Friday. ((HUGS)) You are so sweet. When I'm visiting the Olympic Peninsula this Spring, I would love to meet you. :D <3