Friday, March 9, 2018

Erin Go Bragh!

I love St. Patrick's Day postcards.  This one is covered with Irish clover!  What a sweet face on the young girl with a crown of clover!
Message:  Dear Aunt, Will be to see you some day next week. With love, Nellie 
Mailed to Mrs. Tom Larkin, 20 Reed St, Local
Postmarked in San Francisco, CA on March 17, 1916
Did you see it is "LOCAL".  In the past I have seen "City" "Rural" and "Town".  I guess the postmasters knew everyone back then!
 There is more to this postcard!  Look at the cancellation over the stamp.  Panama-California International Exhibition at San Diego.  The Panama–California Exposition was an exposition held in San Diego, California, between January 1, 1915, and January 1, 1917. 

"Slogan cancels, which may contain a pictorial image, first appeared in the 1890s to advertise the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo. The USPS uses slogans extensively." From Hamilton Philatelic
Did you know there are societies dedicated to the study of Machine Postal Markings, the Machine Inventors, Patents, and more? 
I am sharing this postcard with Postcard Friendship Friday!

Note - all postcards are from my private collection unless noted.

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