Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Stamperia Make & Take at Creativation 2019!

I was fortunate to do a make and take with Antonis Tzanidakis at the Stamperia booth.  We made this beautiful canvas with his new line of Stamperia papers and stamp!

First, we painted our canvas, then added paste with stencils and dried it.  Then we added small bits of paper from Antonis new line with mixed media glue and let it dry. 

The heart is made with paper moulding clay and stamped (a new stamp designed by Antonis).  We cut the heart image out of the wet paper moulding clay.  Tricky part was it should be dried overnight.  Since I was leaving the next day we dried mine with heat tools.  I do not recommend this.  Overnight would have been much better.  After the heart was sort of dry I painted it terracotta, wiping the excess off around the edges of the heart added a few gears to the heart and dried the paint.  

Then covered the whole canvas with a brown oil based paste, wiping of the excess.  Sadly it the heart was not totally dry and I had a couple of spots where I bumped it that afternoon and the clay crumpled.  I touched up the areas with a Nuvo Mouse and you cannot tell that it ever happened. 

LOVED this make and take. 

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