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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Composition for Collage: Week One Homework

I am taking a class taught by Claudine Hellmuth at  Big Picture Class.  This is my first online class... Composition for Collage, so far I am loving it.  Our first assignment is to create an asymmetrical collage. 

Starting with a sheet of BasicGrey 12x12 from the Porcelain collection, I painted a light coat of Claudine Hellmuth Gesso over part of the paper.

I love the print and colors of the paper, 
it was just too busy of a background for what I had in mind. 

I can't believe I have had this jar of gesso for a couple of years and never used it... 

I love the effect the gesso gives the paper.

I mounted (glued) the 12x12 onto a thick chipboard. 

Now for some images.  

I did a bit of searching as I had this idea running around in my head ever since I watched the videos Claudine Hellmuth did for the class.  I wanted birds, not just any birds.  I wanted flying birds, birds that flock together. BIG and little birds to give depth of field.  Keeping in mind the assignment is "asymmetry."  I got all of my bird images and the lady from Graphics Fairy.  She has so many images to use and has kindly posted them for free.  If you like vintage and collage her site is the place for you!!!

Above is my work in progress... I have cut out each bird, the lady, did some stamping.  I did make a mistake while I was stamping on the tissue... I did the stamping right on my project, a BIG NO NO.  (Stamp from Artistic Outpost: Jane's Country) I know better... what was I thinking, the ink bleed right through the tissue so I had to cover it up with more gesso!!!  Thank goodness for gesso. 

I glued all the pieces down. 

Waiting for it to dry.  Now for the placement of words. What words????  I am thinking strongly of using "The Missive".  Have to do a little research to see if a missive would have been sent during this period.  Or would something else work better.  Now that I look at this the bird in the middle should be higher... Hmmmmm.  The letter the bird is carrying doesn't show up... need to do something about that.  Yikes , the bird is already glued down. 

I plan to finish this on Sunday sometime... stop back by to see the final outcome.

HERE is the Final outcome. 


Rikki said...

I like the way this is looking so far. Particularly the paper at the bottom and the way the birds fly. I bet the end result will be super lovely.

Karen Hanim said...

Found you blog via the class! I saw your jar of Gesso and realized I have two that I have been saving!! I had no idea they were Claudine's Gesso until you mentioned it. I am heading over to the BigPic gallery to see if your finished work is there. You have inspired me to try another asymmetrical collage!! Thanks