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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Composition for Collage: Week Two Homework

In my online Composition for Collage class that Claudine Hellmuth is teaching we had to do a collage working with horizon.  I am hoping this one passes.  I have a couple of horizon lines!

Click on the picture to enlarge!

My post in the classroom gallery: Horizon did you hear?  I think I may have too many horizon lines? Maybe I should have moved my image of the three of us more towards the middle... Yes that is my brother, sister and me!

Claudine Hellmuth's Comment: "def not too many horizon lines! I think this works really well!! to me the red dots work as a frontal horizon or grounding element and the blue in the back works as a distance horizon line like as if the ocean is behind them!"

Thanks Claudine!

I am taking my class at: Big Picture Class

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