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Monday, February 20, 2012

Creative Paperclay® and Articus Studio™ Molds

This month I had the opportunity to use Creative Paperclay® with an Articus Studio™ mold.  I choose to use the Frozen Charlotte Art DOll Mold as I love adding them in my art. Finding them can be a challenge, once you find one they can be pretty expensive.  If you have priced a Frozen Charlotte lately you would know what I mean. So, now I am able to make them as needed with Creative Paperclay® for my projects.
First, take a ball of Creative Paperclay® and press into the mold. It is very important to work the areas that have deeper depressions, like the feet and face.  Once you have filled the mold then set aside to dry, at least overnight (12-24 hours) in the mold, depending on humidity.  
Once released if they are cool to the touch they are still damp. Let them set another 12-24 hours to completely dry.
When the Frozen Charlotte is dry, prepare for use.  With an emery board or small file clean up the edges of the doll.  Then with a bit of ink add a little color to age it. Seal it, this one was sealed with USArtQuest PPA Matte.  Sealing product depends on the project and the effect you are after.
Recently I read in one of the Stampington magazines about a technique using paper napkins in mixed media projects.  I saw this beautiful Kleenex packet with the Eiffel Tower and thought "wonder if they would work," as they say, the rest is history.
Creative Paperclay®
Articus Studio™ Frozen Charlotte Art Doll Mold
USArt Quest PPA Matte
Viva Las Vegastamps! "I Love Paris"
Stewart Superior Memories Ink - Black
Small Canvas- 2 1/2" X 2 1/2"
Old sheet music
Printed Kleenex
Heart Cut from Creative Paperclay®
Craft Paint - Burgundy
Paint brush
Separate the tissue layers of the Kleenex or napkin.  There are usually three layers of tissue. The first is easy to separate. Getting the second and third apart can be tricky.  Be sure to separate. If left in tack the extra layer of tissue could cause problems when adhering. 
Prepare canvas with USArtQuest PPA Matte adhesive. The first layer of paper on the canvas is old sheet music adhered with USArt Quest PPA Matte. Be sure to spread the PPA it evenly on the top and sides of the canvas. Let it set. Then spread a second layer of USArt Quest PPA Matte.
Carefully lay your tissue on the surface of your canvas. Once the tissue makes contact with the glue it is in place, trying to move the tissue will rip it. Make nice crisp corners, you may need additional adhesive. Carefully paint the PPA Matte over the surface of the tissue. Let it set to dry.

While the canvas is setting cut lace (3 1/4"), long enough to wrap around the back.  Stamp Viva Las Vegastamps! sentiment "I Love Paris in the Springtime!"  Earlier I had cut small hearts from Creative Paperclay®, paint one burgundy, any craft paint will do and let dry.  
Once the adhesive is barely tacky,  cover the canvas with Sakura Crystal Lacquer, attach the lace and "I Love Paris." Also, the Creative Paperclay® Frozen Charlotte and heart.  Cover the heart with Sakura Crystal Lacquer.  Set aside to dry overnight!
Finished it is a perfect little gift for that person that loves Paris!!!

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Shirley said...

Hi Lyneen!

Thank you for such clear instructions. This little canvas turned out magnificently!!! The little figure is the icing on the cake. This is by far my favorite project you have shared. LOVE IT!

Can't wait to see your next project!