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Friday, August 31, 2012

Creative Paperclay® Bird Nest & Eggs!

I love collecting little things... even more I love making shadow boxes with the little things.  Sometimes I can't find everything I would like to put in a shadow box, so I make them!  I wanted a birds nest and couldn't find one small enough.  My Creative Paperclay® BIRD NEST with EGGS is the focal point.  
Here is the finished nest! 
To make the nests I took Creative Paperclay® and made long skinny noodles. Then laid them in a circular nest shape. The noodles are very delicate and were not adhered to each other.  When they were dried I used Sakura Crystal Lacquer to hold them together.
With small amounts of Creative Paperclay® I rolled out very small eggs!  
Here is the nest and eggs in the center of the shadow box after they were painted with acrylic paint.  
In this box a frozen Charlotte made of Creative Paperclay® is holding one of the eggs! 
Here is one of the eggs balanced on a shoe from Monopoly sitting on a dollhouse chair.   
In the back is a Creative Paperclay® heart cut with a mini cookie cutter, painted with burgundy acrylic paint.  
Left over from a previous project the bird is made with Creative Paperclay® in a mold! 
Close-up of the top of the bird themed house.  
The finished house

Just think of the endless items you could create with Creative Paperclay® to add to your collection of little things to make a shadow box!

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LOVE your bird collage! Very creative!