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Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Tip - Creative Paperclay® Roses!

Most people don't know that I taught cake decorating at one time in my life.  Making roses was one of the first flowers a cake decorator learns to make.  I wish that Creative Paperclay® was a thin as frosting and I could pipe out roses.
 Creative Paperclay® Roses can be made one petal at a time.
Start with a Creative Paperclay® cone, place it on a flat surface.

Take a small ball of clay and flatten it between your fingers creating a petal shape. 

Continue to add petals, shaping the edge of your Creative Paperclay® petals as you go.

Have a little water handy to apply to the  Creative Paperclay® to act as glue.

When finished set aside to dry. These are pretty thick I gave mine 2 days. Depending on your weather and humidity will determine you air dry time. 

Once dry paint them.  Now they are ready to use.

I made these for a Valentine I shared with you in our Blog Hop "Love Cast in Clay" last January. HERE is a link to the project.

Enjoy making roses with  Creative Paperclay®!

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