Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Special Treasure Box!

Last month I has honored to be a little part of a very special day... my cousin's wedding!  Here in the Pacific Northwest we have had one of the rainiest years on record. The wedding day was blessed without any rain!

It was a great pleasure working with  the bride and groom on their wedding invitations. Many don't know this, but at one time I did a lot of cake decorating.  Yes, I made the bride and groom a small wedding cake.  The most wonderful part of the day was I got to photograph the event.  No I am not a professional, but I do enjoy taking pictures!

Here is a peak at the day!

This was David and Leah's day.
The invitations, all edges lined with silver pen, were sent out weeks ago! 
 The cake had been baked the day before and final decorating touches were done on site.

The Bride & Groom in front of the small church they were married in!
Caught myself in the mirror, the one only photo of me in the 900 plus photos I took that day!
The Bride and Groom even made the front page above the fold in our local paper!
You may be wondering why I am sharing this with you.
 I made a keepsake box for the happy couple.  In it are a few photos, a couple of the faux jewels from around the wedding cake and a thumb drive with all the photos I took. Hopefully the thumb drive with never be lost!
 The box was decorated with this beautiful flower and butterfly from one of the new floral items at Altered Pages.  You can find them in the floral section HERE at Altered Pages!!

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Beth Niquette said...

This is such a sweet post. Awww...to find love when one is old is a lovely and rare event. :D Such beautiful pictures, and how blessed they are to have such a creative couz! lol