Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Creating with Beach Glass!

Today I have used Dixie Belle Paint  and an Altered Pages Lighthouse to create a beach canvas. with a lighthouse in the background.  After I started creating it I remembered I had some beach glass I collected at Glass Beach in Port Townsend, WA.

When I went on my hike to collect the beach glass we couldn't see a lighthouse, but there isn't one too far away!

Dixie Belle Paint Sea Glass
Dixie Belle Van Dyke Brown Glaze
Dixie Belle Swamp Mud Texture Medium - White
Altered Pages Lighthouses Collage Sheet
Gel Medium
Tacky Glue
Dew Drops
Sea Glass

Canvas for this project is 4x4.  Rip the lighthouse image from the Altered Pages Lighthouses Collage SheetApply a light layer of Gel Medium on the canvas, lay image on wet gel medium and add another layer of Gel Medium over the picture.  Let Dry.

Paint edges of canvas and around the image of the lighthouse with Dixie Belle Paint with Sea Glass, like pictured above.

Adhere Burlap with Gel Medium to the lower part of the canvas (as pictured), let dry

Apply Dixie Belle Swamp Mud Texture Medium - White over the Burlap to create a beach in front of the lighthouse. Let Dry. 

On the dry Dixie Belle Swamp Mud Texture Medium  paint a light layer of Dixie Belle Van Dyke Brown Glaze.  Then apply a very light layer over the lighthouse image.
Finally, paint Dixie Belle Van Dyke Brown Glaze on the sides of the canvas! Let dry.

Use Tacky Glue to attach Charms, Sea Glass and Shells on the beach.
Add a few Dew Drops to fill in the treasures on the beach!

Over the embellishments apply a layer of  Gel Medium.

Add a strip of Burlap using Gel Medium around the edges of the canvas.  Let dry.
It will take about 24 hours for the canvas to totally dry! 
Where there once was a fence there is now a beach with treasures that have washed ashore and the lighthouse in the distance! 
If you are interested in my hike to collect beach glass at Glass Beach near Port Townsend I have a post on my blog HERE.
Hope I have inspired you today!

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