Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July!

To all of those from the USA!

The Lost Coast Designs Party Hat Cat 
has decided to celebrate this 4th of July!!! 
This month Altered Pages is partnering with Lost Coast Designs... our design team hopes to inspire you to try new techniques rubber stamping.  Lost Coast Designs stamps are high quality rubber with great detail!

Today I will be sharing a watercolor technique using washi tape.

I am using the unmounted Lost Coast Designs stamps this month, I use Double Sided Tape to attach them to my Acrylic Block Stamp the Party Hat Cat with Black Ink and heat embossed with Embossing Powder Black

Lost Coast Designs Party Hat Cat stamp
Acrylic Block
Altered Pages Americana Collage Sheet
Black Ink
Embossing Powder Black
Glue Stick
Double Sided Tape
White Cardstock - stamping and painting
Card Base - CardstockSplash Inks Acrylic Mixing Colors
Water Brush
Craft Attitude
Washi Tape
Gold Pen

Splash Inks Acrylic Mixing Colors is the  medium I will be painting with today!!!

Mask the stamped image with Washi Tape.  Lay tape horizontally to create stripes.  Leave a small square in the upper left for a little blue.  
Mix the Splash Inks per the guide to get the color you desire. for the red I used I mixed 10 part maroon, 2 part yellow and 1 part black.   
Before using the Splash Inks on card, test on a scrap of the same paper you will be painting. Apply water to the paper, then add Splash Inks to Water Brush and let the water do the rest.

When you are happy with the effect apply red Splash Inks to the stripes as pictured. Use a heat gun to dry the Splash Inks.

Next paint the upper left with blue Splash Inks.  The color used here was directly from the bottle no other colors added.

Before printing size the Altered Pages Americana Collage Sheet to half sheet.  Then print on Craft Attitude per manufacturers instructions.  Cut out the "4th of July". Adhere to the card with Glue Stick.

Finally, ink the edges of the painted card with Black Ink, adhere to card base with Double Sided Tape.
Color the center of the stars with a Gold Pen to add a bit of bling!

Hope I have inspired you to try something new!!!!


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