Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Southern California Garden

A vintage postcard from my collection!
"A NEW IDEA - The editorial office of The National Nurseryman has recently received a unique pamphlet illustrating in a pictorial way the views to be found about the residence and in the gardens of Dr Rudolph Schiffmann Pasadena California One of the interesting features about this is that the grounds while embracing only six acres are so ingeniously skillfully and artistically arranged that they convey the impression of much greater area The photographs are taken after three years of care and culture and certainly represent extraordinary rapidity of development for that period The central thought which is paramount in many of the pictures is that of a home The surroundings are an integral part of the dwelling and while some thought and attention has been given to developing illustrations of various exotic types of gardening yet these are so harmoniously blended that they make a complete and satisfactory picture."
~form The National Nurseryman Volume 19

Post marked 1913

Dr Rudolph Schiffmann died at the age of 81 in 1926 ~ Obituary.

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