Sunday, February 23, 2014

Old Fashioned Valentines with Handmade Paper!

I shared this a couple of weeks ago on the Arnold Grummer's Blog, I thought I would share it here!  I know it is a little late for Valentines... but I love the paper cast flowers!
It is getting close to Valentine's Day!  Soon you will be sending a card, gift or both to loved ones.  Make an old fashioned Valentine with your own handmade papers to make it very special.
For the Valentines here I used the Arnold Grummer's Heart Template and the Envelope Template from the Cards and Tags Template Collection.
I stared with scraps of colored paper, if you are like me you have tons of scraps of paper.  For this project I used papers that were solid (nothing with a white core).  
Be sure to follow the directions in your kit or Basic Paper Making video!
Using the Papermill Complete Kit you can see the template for the heart card in the water ready for the pulp to be poured in. 
I also cast some flowers and birds in silicone molds I have. Check out what you might have around the house that you could use to cast your paper pulp in. Use the Arnold Grummer's Strainer to drain water.  The strainer is made to sit on a jar, bowl or the blender. Casting paper is fun!!! 

Once my paper was dry I used my Scor Buddy to get nice creases on the envelope template.
On the outside I used a doily and a fussy cut image from an Altere Pages collage sheet.
On the inside is another doily layered with another Altered Pages image and yellow paper cast flowers! 

Again I used my Scor Buddy, this time on the heart card to get a nice crease.
With a white pen, add dots around the edge of the card. Glue a white doily and layer with a red heart cut from a larger doily. Add a paper cast tea cup made with the Cup 'O Tea mold and red paper cast bird made with my silicone mold. The tea cup is painted with Pearlescent Watercolors, making sure not to get the brush too wet. TIP: When painting on cast paper I tap the wet brush on a paper towel before painting the cast paper!
Inside the card is an image from Altered Pages, "You suit me to a TEA Valentine!"
Tea cup and bird are paper cast!

I had a lot of fun making all my paper projects today.  My favorite part of the pour method is there is little waste. All the pulp I used was made into paper, what little left overs I had I cast!  Don’t pour water with fibers in it down your sink drain. This can impair, or even stop, sink drainage.

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Beth Niquette said...

What a beauty! I love seeing the "how" of it all. Wonderful wonderful!