Sunday, March 2, 2014

Angel Wings, Sparkle and Handmade Paper!

I shared this a couple of weeks ago on the Arnold Grummer's Blog, I thought I would share it here!  Playing with the Arnold Grummer's Papermill Complete Kit has been  addictive. Be sure to watch the Basic Paper Making video. I may have said it before, but I was intimidated by making handmade papers.  Now I can't stop! I am continually experimenting!
I want to share a few of techniques I did while making the papers above.    

  1. Made colored paper pulp to add to my base paper. 
  2. Added whole Angel Wings and rose petals to my paper.  
  3. Used glitter with the Angel Wings!
Note: I did not show all the steps in the papermaking process in this post, just the additives I added to the paper I made. 

Using scraps of paper I made colored paper pulp.  I wanted to add a splash or pink, yellow and orange to the paper I would add Angel Wings of the same color.
Here I have the base pulp in the Papermill Complete Kit, with a baster I added orange paper pulp. 
There are a number of Botanicals available on the Arnold Grummer's web site.  Today I am using the Arnold Grummer's Multi Colored Angel Wings.  The instructions on the package say to add them in the blender. I sorted through the package and found colors to match my pulp.  
The rebel I am... I wanted to try adding the Angel Wings whole to my paper. To flatten them I soaked them in water before adding them to the water. When I lifted the Papermill out of the water the pulp held the Angel Wings in place. 
Making the pink paper I added pink paper pulp with my baster, pink Angel Wings and a bit of the Arnold Grummer's Multi-Color Sprinkles. Again lifting the Papermill out of the water the pulp held the Angel Wings and Multi-Color Sprinkles in place.  
In the Arnold Grummer's Botanical Sampler you will find some rose buds.  I gently took the rose buds apart and soaked the petals in warm water before adding them to the paper pulp in the Papermill. Then I gently added them to the water.  
When lifting the Papermill out of the water the pulp held  the petals in place.
Once the papers are dry they are ready for use in your paper crafts!  It was fun playing with the different additives while making my paper.  
A card using my handmade paper with a 1920's Graphic 45 Couture image, peacock feather, and handmade paper flowers.

When ordering an Papermill Complete Kit don't forget the additives!

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