Sunday, February 15, 2009

More finds from recent shopping in Antique stores!

Recently I have been out at some of my favorite haunts!!!!  I love looking through everything!  Simply Renewed and Manette Antiques are the places I found my most recent treasures!

Saw this bike in Port Townsend last weekend I couldn't pass  up the photo op!
I am planning on making gifts with all the Scrabble pieces!
Some times I buy bags of broken Jewelry.... I love the cameo and Jacks that I got this time!
I plan to use these finds on cards and altered pieces.


Robin said...

Great finds!!

Catherine said...

Oh my - what wonderful treasures you found - again! Looking forward to seeing how you use all of these goodies!

Kris Dickinson said...

Awsome finds Lyneen!

Louise (KardKrazy) said...

I wanna go shopping with!
What great finds!