Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How Awesome is this RAK

I have been entering some of the challenges at WinterHaven and I won a couple of the RAKs.  One was from Nancy Maxwell James from Vintage Papers.  For my RAK I  can select 8 digital sheets from 

Collage Visions the etsy shop is Collagevisions - Digital Collage Sheets

You can get 4 sheets for $5.  They are emailed to you and you can print them over and over again!!!!

Here are the ones I selected...

  1. In Love
  2. Winged Women
  3. Men Trio
  4. Bits and Pieces
  5. Ida
  6. Brothers
  7. Collage Collection 3
  8. Creepy Old House

And they are a high resolution!!!!


Robin said...

Congrats Lyneen!

Sarah said...

Congrats, Lyneen! What a fun prize!!

azLizJane said...

Wow Lyneen! What a great prize!


ScrappyPam said...

Cool! Congrats!