Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where will I be this weekend?

In the morning you might find me at the FLEA MARKET.  Last week was the first Saturday Flea Market held in the parking lot of Westsound Auctions from 9am to 4pm weather permitting.   I got some great deals last week.  April 17th from 9am to 4 pm weather permitting will be their second Flea Market weekend!

In the afternoon I am taking a couple of my precious items to the Appraisal Fair at the Fairgrounds.  Be sure to check the times for the schedule of what is happening on their site. 

If there is time I my hit a few antique stores.  My Favorites are
Bremerton - Simply Renewed  
Poulsbo - Cats Meow
Silverdale - Judy's Junk N Java

And stop at some of my Favorite Coffee stops:
Poulsbo: Cups
Silverdale: Judy's Junk N Java ( A one stop shop!) pick up fresh ground coffee for home brewing while you are there!

Maybe I will run into you, be sure to say hi if you see ME!

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Catherine said...

Hi Lyneen! Sounds like a great weekend plan with lots of treasure-hunting!