Thursday, April 1, 2010



In German an April Fools’ prank is called “Aprilscherz”, in Dutch “aprilgrap”, in Danish “aprilsnar"… you get the picture. But in some places, it is called an “April Fish”: the “poisson d’Avril” in French, the “Aprilvis” in Dutch and the “Pesce d'Aprile” in Italian.

Any kind of April Fool’s prank can be called an April Fish, but often it is a very simplest prank, consisting in the attempt to attach a piece of paper cut in the shape of a fish onto someone’s back, without that person noticing. When after some time, during which the victim is the unwitting butt of the joke, he or she finds out, everyone shouts “April Fish!” Traditionally, a real dead fish was stuck onto the victim’s back, with the intention that he would eventually notice it by its smell.

The name “April Fish” is also applied to the victim of the joke. The idea is that an April fish is a very young fish, and thus easily “caught”.

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Catherine said...

If you ever play this prank on me, please use a PAPER fish! Ha! Can you imagine... anyone NOT noticing a real fish taped to their back? Too funny!