Saturday, September 12, 2015

Enameling Chipboard ~ Unruly PaperArts

Recently I shared how I enamel chipboard on the Unruly PaperArts blog.  Do you have a lot of chipboard in your stash, chipboard letters leftover from several different typesets? Any ink, clear embossing powder and heat gun laying around? If you do, you have all that you need to "enamel" your chipboard!  

Above is a large gear cut in half and used on two ATC's. To "enamel" ink the surface of the bare chipboard with black ink. Sprinkle with clear embossing powder, tap off the excess, use a heat gun to melt the powder. While still hot sprinkle with clear embossing powder a second time, the heat will hold the powder until melted with the heat gun. Repeat up to 4 times or until you get the desired "enamel" look you like. NOTE: When working with the heated embossing powder be very careful it can BURN!


To get the gold on the cogs edges of the gear, ink the cogs with gold ink, sprinkle with embossing powder, then reapply heat with heat gun. The gold will melt right into the existing "enamel" and have a smooth surface.

TIP: If edges are hard to cover with ink due to corners and curves, use a marker to cover the bare chipboard. It is best to do this before you add the ink and embossing powder.


Black ink on the bare chipboard, then covered with clear embossing power, heat was applied to melt the powder. Repeated three times. Then gold ink was applied to the edges of cogs and sprinkled with clear embossing powder and melted in to the existing "enamel" with heat.

Eiffel glasses ~ bare chipboard covered with black ink, sprinkled with clear embossing powder. The heart has rose ink with clear embossing powder. Both have three layers of embossing powder.

The Eiffel Tower has black ink and was heat embossed with 3 layers of powder. After, dark brown ink was applied to the piece sporadically to give it a distressed look. Then sprinkled with embossing powder, apply heat with heat gun. The brown melted right into the existing "enamel" and has a smooth surface.

The key was first inked with blue ink and heat embossed with 3 layers of powder. After black ink was applied to edges for a distressed look, sprinkled with embossing powder, applied heat with heat gun. The black melted right into the existing "enameled" surface.

If you are like me you have used a lot of letters from several different sets of chipboard alpha sets. Some may even have a paper finish like the "e" pictured above! Here I have chipboard letters from three different alpha sets. If you ink them the same color and "enamel" them they look great for any of your scrapbook pages or crafting projects!




I hope I have inspired you to use some old product in new ways!

Have fun "enameling"!!!


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Nan G said...

So cool!! Yes you have definitely inspired me to pull out those old chipboard pieces and start enameling. Thank you ! Hugs