Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Cards ~ Tree Ornaments!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of year.  I love making cards! Today I have a couple of cards that the recipient can cherish forever on their Christmas tree!  All papers used on my cards are from The Robin's Nest!


A beautiful hot air balloon ornament on a Christmas card!
Ink edges using brown ink using a dauber, the dauber will help keep the distressing smooth and not show any lines.  

Stamp the back of the 7 of the balloons with a word stamp like the one pictured or harlequin stamp. Then distress the back with brown ink like on the front.  Fold seven of the balloons in half, glue each of them on the center fold and place them inside each other.  Then glue them on one of the flat balloons set aside earlier. 
Cut Winter Snowflake Cardstock as mat for card. Add sparkle to the snowflakes with Wink of Stella. 
Punch pennant flags from Winter Snowflake Cardstock (use the backside for the pennants.) Paint each with Wink of Stella.    
Add flowers and Metallic Gold Dew Drops with tacky glue.
Add lace and yarn to the balloon using tacky glue as pictured above, additional glue maybe needed as each piece is added to the balloon.  Fold excess yarn and lace onto the back,  let dry.

When the tacky glue has dried, add the pennants to the yarn.  On this balloon five pennants were used. 

The final balloon set aside will be used to cover the back.  First, cut two pieces of  Honeycomb Daisy Glitter Cardstock for the basket of the balloon.  Sandwich two pieces of yarn between the two baskets and tacky glue together.  Glue the yarn from the basket to the balloon and then attach a piece of yarn to the top for the hanger.  Spread glue over the back and attach to the balloon. 
Hang the balloon on the card with non-permanent adhesive.
 The recipient is able to remove the balloon and use as an ornament!

The Robin's Nest products used:
Gold Classic Swirl Glitter Cardstock
Silver on Creme Classic Swirl Glitter Cardstock
Honeycomb Daisy Glitter Cardstock
Winter Snowflake Cardstock
Metallic Gold Dew Drops

Other items:
Wink of Stella
Lace & Yarn
Tacky Glue
Snowflake charm
Brown ink
Stamp with words
A2 Card Base

Tools & Supplies:
Pendent Punch
Tacky Glue
Non-permanent adhesive
A bird ornament on a Christmas card!
Create a pattern of a bird and trace it twice onto Cindy Lou Dot Glitter Cardstock, cut the two pieces out.

Adhere one piece with glue stick to the chipboard let set for a few minutes.  Use an emery board to distress edges.

Adhere feather for tail and ribbon (sandwich between the paper and chipboard) before adding the back side of the bird.
Punch or cut out four hearts, two slightly smaller. 
Glitter glue around the edges of the bird and the hearts, let it dry, glitter glue around the other side of the bird.  Add Metallic Gold Dew Drops to the plastic eye lashes. Set aside to dry.

Cut Cindy Lou Dot Glitter Cardstock and Cindy Lou Swirl Glitter Cardstock to mat on card.  Cut a strip of Cindy Lou Dot Glitter Cardstock to use the backside for contrasting paper on the card.

Adhere the eyes and  wings to the bird!  Use  non-permanent adhesive to attach to the card.

The recipient is able to remove the bird and use as an ornament on their Christmas Tree!

The Robin's Nest products used:
Cindy Lou Dot Glitter Cardstock
Cindy Lou Swirl Glitter Cardstock
Metallic Gold Dew Drops

Other items:
Plastic Eyelashes
Glitter Glue
A2 Card Base

Tools & Supplies:
Glue Stick
Tacky Glue
Emery Board
Non-permanent adhesive

Hope you enjoyed these ornaments! 
Have fun creating!

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you know I love hot air balloons, great project