Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beautiful Fat Book

This is the last post from the art retreat in April.  We had an invitation to join a  "Fat Book" swap.  Ten of us participated.  Our retreat theme was "soar" as in birds.  The end results of our books is amazing, pictures do not do it justice.  Again, I would like to thank Jo, Cathy and Susan for all their hard work putting together such an amazing weekend.  

Cathy & Jo designed the beautiful cover.  
Susan created the awesome artwork!  
I tied all the ribbon...

Jo made beautiful nests from her collection of fibers.

Left the back of Jo's, 
right Susan's glamorous woman with a bird house in her hair. 

Miki's art is full of stories... in her pages she used photos. 
The background in the page above is an actual photo of a cave she recently visited;

below the moth at the top of her page is a photo of an actual moth!

The very talented Grace included a fabulous image 
from one of her original works of art.  

Mo joined us all the way from England 
and brought her wonderful 3-D pages.

 Cathy's stunning peacock created from a combination of paper, fabric and feathers.  Her assemblages the most amazing.

My lady in Paris collage.

Linda has a remarkable eye when creating.  
I love all her detail in her work.

Beth designed her gorgeous birds nest from wire.

 Kris created these delightful pages using images from vintage wall paper.

THANK YOU LADIES for the wonderful gift of your art!


~Cheryl said...

Wow. That is the most incredible book I've ever seen!

ScrappyPam said...

That's one beautiful book! I really like your Lady in Paris!