Friday, September 10, 2010

Postcard Friendship Friday - Jacques French Restaurant

Postcard Friendship Friday has given me reason to search through my cards of places... in doing this it makes me wonder... Where the places in the postcards? What is the history of the place? Are the places still there? This week is no different. I took me a while to locate anything on Jacques French Restaurant in Chicago. I believe where it was located is not the WESTIN on No Michigan, but I get ahead of myself.

The following is from "

Dining in Chicago

- The John Day Intimate Guides"

by John Drury,

with a foreword by

Carl Sandburg

and published by The John Day Company New York in


You will find it on Page 143 - If you download be patient, the book is 280 pages!


Most charming and interesting of French restaurants in Chicago, just off the Avenue. The ceiling is beamed, the floor is made of tile, dark brocaded draperies hang over doorways and windows, real candles are on the tables, a fireplace is at one end and a big table of most tempting hors d*oeuvres is at the other, and all is delightfully atmospheric and redolent of the Old World. But most interesting of all is Jacques Fumagally, the maitre d'hotel, who goes about welcoming guests in true Parisian style. Born in Monte Carlo, Jacques was formerly with the Ritz in Paris and the Sevilla Biltmore in Havana. With the able assistance of Chef Julliard Meldou, Jacques offers you a few specialties, such as cottage cheese a la Jacques and 180 Delaware special salad. The menu is large and contains all the popular French dishes. Table d'hote luncheon, 75 cents, and table d'hote dinners at $1.00 and $1.50. This French restaurant is located in swanky and exclusive Streeterville, once the 143 bailiwick of old Cap'n George Wellington Streeter, the militant squatter. Maitre d^ hotel: Jacques Fumagally

You will find the book referenced in the Library of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

I believe the Westin at 909 No Michigan (construction completed in 1963) is at the site where Jacques French Restaurant once stood. When I google the address on the map the indicator points to the roof of the Westin.

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Snap said...

I often wonder if the places in the postcards are still *there* and I wonder what happened to the people! Little mysteries of life.

Beth Niquette said...

What a marvelous postcard! I wonder bout the same things Snap does...thank you so much for sharing!

Happy PFF!

Catherine said...

Yummm! Don't you wonder what "cottage cheese a la Jacques" was? Can you imagine, a French dinner for 1.00-1.50?