Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Hearts - Everywhere!

I am challenging myself to find that "unexpected heart" to share each week. Here are a few I Happened upon this past week.
While DH was driving last Sunday I was watching the clouds floating in the sky... yes, my head was in the clouds. If you know me at all my camera is attached to me when I leave the house... this was no exception!!!!
Do you see a few hearts in my LATTE!

While watering my flowers I glimpsed this heart in my garden!

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Beth Niquette said...

Oh, Lyneen, these hearts are incredibly beautiful! Wow--this is SO cool! lol

Sissy is having computer difficulties this morning. I called to find out if all was well--she says it will be up and running in a few minutes!

Happy GHT!

Limar said...

Lovely hearts! I especially love them in my coffee :D

Dani said...

Great hearts indeed. Since Im a coffee lover, I really enjoyed those coffee ones.

Have a great weekend.

Clytie said...

What a wonderful group of random hearts you have found this week! I too LOVE the coffee hearts! I think I'm on my 4th cup of coffee this morning myself, and I am VERY awake! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and happy heart hunting!

JayLeigh said...

Isn't finding hearts so fun? You found great hearts! I (almost) always take my camera with me, too. :D How neat that you found a heart in the clouds. ♥

Laura said...

such a beautiful practice!

Catherine said...

Beautiful hearts, Lyneen!